About WOYH

WOYH exists to unite & engage the community to encourage & inspire survivorship.

We make homemade cards to encourage and inspire individuals on their healing journey who are human trafficking survivors.


Basic Information

1. We are a CBO (Community Based Organization) at the moment!
2. We just started in September 2012
3. We deliver the cards to other partner 501c3 organizations including: Freedom Place, Free the Captives, Traffick911, Chrysalis Mentoring, Redeemed Ministries, and we have also delivered cards to an NGO in Azerbaijan (near Russia).
What You Can Do Now:
1. Donate in-kind materials (card supplies):
scrapbooking paper, scissors, glue, pens, sharpies).
2. Get a group together to make cards and send them to us to deliver.
3. Let us know about other organizations that house survivors of trafficking (shelters or refuges).
*We want to use RECYCLED paper and products as much as possible to make our cards with!*

Check out our Facebook pages for updates and events as we plan them here!


3 thoughts on “About WOYH

  1. Hello Lauren & Devin, I was present at Community Bible Chapel this morning (1/18/15) to hear your message and information regarding your ministry. Thank you for coming and sharing. I had to leave before I could speak with you concerning WOYH, but wanted to say I am willing to partner in prayer w/you. I have been a prayer partner with Aglow International’s Anti-Human Trafficking ministry for over a year now and it is heartening to see God moving us to stand against this horrendous injustice while offering his mercy and help to victims. https://www.aglow.org/get-involved/ministries/anti-human-trafficking
    May He continue to bless you and grow your ministry. Linda Putnam

  2. Hi there! I came across this, and I think it is beautiful and wonderful. I live in Tennessee, and I was thinking about hosting a card-making event. If I were to do that, where would I send the cards? Thanks so much!

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