WOYH Need To Know

Mission: WOYH exists to unite & engage the community to encourage & inspire survivorship.

We make cards &write letters to encourage and inspire individuals on their healing journey who are human trafficking survivors.


Basic Information

1. WOYH is incorporated as a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization in the state of Texas.
2. WOYH is incorporated as a foreign (out of state) non-profit corporation in the state of New Hampshire in order to support our New England Region Chapter.
2. WOYH was co-founded by Lauren Lisembee and Kari Sparenberg in September 2012 in Houston, Texas at A 2nd Cup coffee shop.
3. We ship 500-1,000 encouraging cards/letters monthly to over 20 safe house, counseling centers and other direct-service partners across the U.S.A!
What You Can Do Now:
1. Donate in-kind materials (card supplies):
scrapbooking paper, scissors, glue, pens, sharpies).
2. Get a group together to make cards and send them to us to deliver.
3. Let us know about other organizations that house survivors of trafficking (shelters or refuges).

Check out our Facebook & Instagram accounts for the most current updates & events as we plan them here!


3 thoughts on “WOYH Need To Know

  1. Hello Lauren & Devin, I was present at Community Bible Chapel this morning (1/18/15) to hear your message and information regarding your ministry. Thank you for coming and sharing. I had to leave before I could speak with you concerning WOYH, but wanted to say I am willing to partner in prayer w/you. I have been a prayer partner with Aglow International’s Anti-Human Trafficking ministry for over a year now and it is heartening to see God moving us to stand against this horrendous injustice while offering his mercy and help to victims. https://www.aglow.org/get-involved/ministries/anti-human-trafficking
    May He continue to bless you and grow your ministry. Linda Putnam

  2. Hi there! I came across this, and I think it is beautiful and wonderful. I live in Tennessee, and I was thinking about hosting a card-making event. If I were to do that, where would I send the cards? Thanks so much!

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