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  1. I attended a women’s retreat in NH where we made cards for this ministry. I am the pastor’s wife in a church in ME. I would like to have a church/community seminar to talk about the human trafficking issues in New England and end with making some cards for Written on Your Heart. Are you still receiving these cards? Would you/could you send me information about making the cards? I appreciate any info that you can send my way.

    1. Hello Rev. Karen Pierson! Melanie here from the WOYH Board of Directors. I/we are so sorry we missed this message from you a month ago. If you could, follow up with me via email directly that would be great. My email is or leave your email here and I will email you directly . We would love to give you information about making cards for us, we are ALWAYS in need of more cards.

      I look forward to talking with you.

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