New Year, Same Goals. To raise awareness, encourage survivor-ship, and to create change in the world of Human Trafficking. Revisiting Past Events.

Hello Everyone. Mel here. We (meaning I), have been on a little hiatus in regards to this BLOG.

For many reasons… A lot of change in WOYH’s world, but also in my own.

BUT we (and I) are starting FRESH in this NEW year with some exciting BLOGS about past events, AND what’s happened the past 7 months in regards to WOYH, and in the world. It’s been a year of recreating , learning, growing, and trusting that everything will be taken care of in it’s time.

Amazing things have happened, amazing things are happening, and I am super excited to tell you about it.

“BE fearless in the PURSUIT of what SETS YOUR SOUL ON FIRE”

Get ready to go back in time,

WOYH style.

Until next time,

All our best,



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