NOLA Church Writes 44 Cards of Inspiration

NOLA Church partnered with Free-NOLA and on March 5th hosted an awareness event for individuals who want to personally get involved in local rescue efforts. A human trafficking film, Nefarious: Merchant of Souls, was screened followed by the honored guest and speaker Diane Amos. Written on Your Heart hosted a card making table at the event and collected 44 cards from the guests. These cards will be sent to Eden House in New Orleans and two other safe houses in Ohio and Colorado.

freenola_avatarDiane Amos is the founder of Free-NOLA, a faith-based initiative on the front lines of the New Orleans and Gulf Coast communities, fighting human trafficking. Free-NOLA brings awareness to the community through speaking engagements, trainings, and targeted outreach. For example, you can find Amos and her team, going into the darkest parts of Bourbon St. handing out roses, chocolates, and hope to the women and men “working” in the sex market. Other times, her team is searching for missing and exploited children in the surrounding community at known areas of prostitution and trafficking. Hearing Amos speak, it is clear that her passion has been put to action and is working to show love to the lost, stollen, and hurt.

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