#WELOVEFREEDOM WEDNESDAY. Our partnership with Bags of Hope Ministries.

As we finish up a week that started on July 4th, with many of us having a DAY OFF, because of freedom, I wanted to talk about freedom, in a very different, yet similar way.


We have a beautiful partnership with a ministry out of Massachusetts called Bags Of Hope Ministries. Founded and Run by Sex Trafficking Survivor Jasmine Marino, who is also an Activist, Speaker, Writer & Advocate ; Bringing hope & speaking for those who are currently enslaved in sex trafficking situations.

Learn MORE about Jasmine and her organization HERE:  https://jasminegrace.org/

“Jasmine founded BOHM as a way to reach out in a practical way to women living on the streets or in programs throughout the Boston area. In collaboration with programs serving women affected by trafficking, prostitution, addiction and homelessness, Bags of Hope Ministries is driven by the community. Many different groups of people are donating the items, filling the bags and handing them out! By doing this we let the women know there is a better way, they are treasured, and we are here to help. Our goal is to bring awareness as well as provide basic needs to these women. What many do not know is that homeless women are not just victims of poor decisions but often times are victims of unforeseen circumstances. Many have been traumatized, victimized and suffer from untreated mental illness and substance abuse. There are resource cards in every Bag to let them know, there is another way. And that they can have Hope because, if Jasmine can make it off the streets and find a New Life – So can they. As the saying goes.. “Many hands make light work.” This is true because of the generosity within the community, schools, churches and other groups – As they have donated and filled over 1,300 bags! We are #hopedealers. Let’s keep it going!”

darktolight freedom

**In the past few weeks alone, and THANKS to the New Orleans and New England Chapters of WOYH,  I have sent over 75 cards to Jasmine and her ministry. Jasmine inserts our letters and encouraging cards into the BAGS OF HOPE that she distributes with help from her team and community partners, to women on the streets, women in safe-houses after freedom from modern day slavery, women in recovery houses for addiction and any and all women she can reach beyond that.

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sweet princess cardcardtobohm7cardtobohm6
bohm cards

We have been working together for over a year and a half now, and it has been a productive, world-changing and evolving partnership.


Far Left ; Jasmine Marino (Founder of BOHM), Melanie (Board member and official blogger for WOYH, Calyssa (Board member WOYH), and Lauren Lisembee (Founder of WOYH).

melandjasminemarino^Melanie and Jasmine, Summer 2015, Soulfest Music Festival^

~ Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. Together, we’re a force that can shake the whole world.

Until Next time,

~Melanie S ♥

Wayback Wednesday! LIFE Church Manchester, NH July 17th, 2015 :)



Events like these are small, and intimate, but just as powerful. All you need is a space, a few people, card making supplies, kind and willing hearts, kind uplifting, inspiring words, and Written on your Heart, our mission and our part in the human trafficking movement comes to life!


^ Toiletry & Pajama Collection Drive for

Bakhita House  http://bakhitainitiative.com/shelters-2/

Bags of Hope Ministries https://jasminegrace.org/bags-of-hope/

Card-making & letter writing for survivors.lifechurchparticipants

Attendees: 20
Speaker: Lauren Lisembee, Founder.

Awareness without Action, IS WORTHLESS.


WE are so incredibly thankful to our partners who continue to connect with us and allow us to continue fighting the good fight.

Until next time, thanks for standing beside us!

~Melanie S ♥

What kind of difference does a simple card make?

You gave me meaning and purpose, also reminded me of loving me, just ’cause I’m me…. what a gift.

*As an organization that primarily writes and sends cards to survivors of human trafficking, we are often asked “What kind of difference will writing and sending a card make?, and we sometimes hear things like “I am not creative, I don’t have any good quotes or anything inspirational to write”.

BUT we are here to tell you, ALL IT TAKES IS a few simple words, or quotes, or pictures, nothing out of reach for every single person to be capable of.

 The quote above, from a woman who received our cards is a prime example of WHY we do what we do. And, pictured below is the card WOYH recieved from DAWN’s PLACE, one of our partners in Pennsylvania.

Link to Dawn’s Place website

dawnshouse note 5 dawnshouse note 7 dawnshouse note 6 dawnshouse note 4 dawnshouse note 3 dawnshouse note 2Don’t EVER underestimate YOUR ability to make a difference.

never doubt writingheart1 the-seeds-of-kindness1

Stay tuned for MORE

~Melanie S ♥