What kind of difference does a simple card make?

You gave me meaning and purpose, also reminded me of loving me, just ’cause I’m me…. what a gift.

*As an organization that primarily writes and sends cards to survivors of human trafficking, we are often asked “What kind of difference will writing and sending a card make?, and we sometimes hear things like “I am not creative, I don’t have any good quotes or anything inspirational to write”.

BUT we are here to tell you, ALL IT TAKES IS a few simple words, or quotes, or pictures, nothing out of reach for every single person to be capable of.

 The quote above, from a woman who received our cards is a prime example of WHY we do what we do. And, pictured below is the card WOYH recieved from DAWN’s PLACE, one of our partners in Pennsylvania.

Link to Dawn’s Place website

dawnshouse note 5 dawnshouse note 7 dawnshouse note 6 dawnshouse note 4 dawnshouse note 3 dawnshouse note 2Don’t EVER underestimate YOUR ability to make a difference.

never doubt writingheart1 the-seeds-of-kindness1

Stay tuned for MORE

~Melanie S ♥

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